New Online Citizen Reporting Tool

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Missed trash pickup? Potholes? Broken curb? Broken Streetlight? Parking issues?

We have all experienced any number of these sorts of issues (and more) in our everyday lives with our municipal services. Sometimes we want to report these issues, but don't really want to call them in because of time on the phone, time telling someone about the issue, phone call transfers, "after hours", etc. There needs to be a better way that allows people to make their reports without going through a "people maze." Now there is.

Created by the MSD for its member entities, Magna now has a new ONLINE REPORTING TOOL so residents can report issues online and in real time. If you are having issues with your municipal services, or to report non-emergency type issues, please use this tool. When you are done reporting your issue, the report is sent directly to the department or agency for work. If you want a response on your issue, you can indicate it when sending in the report. 

To report issues online, please CLICK HERE

Online Reporting...A simpler way to communicate issues for a faster response.