Pleasant Green Cemetery

Pleasant Green Cemetery Aerial Photo

The Pleasant Green Cemetery is one of the oldest active cemeteries in the State of Utah.

The Pleasant Green Cemetery was founded in 1883 by Lehi Nephi Hardman, the Bishop of the Pleasant Green Ward, of the LDS Church. Many of the original founders of the western Salt Lake Valley Unincorporated "Towns," including Magna, Hunter, Pleasant Green, Ragtown, and Coonville are buried here.

These include pioneers from the Coon, Bertoch, LeCheminant, Rushton, Hardman, Staker, and Taylor families.

The LDS Church cared for and owned the cemetery from 1883 - 1983. In 1983, the LDS Church formed a nonprofit, known as the Pleasant Green Cemetery Preservation And Development Association. The LDS Church turned ownership and care of the cemetery over to this nonprofit who managed the operation until May 2020 when the cemetery ownership was transferred to the Magna Metro Township, the incorporated municipality. With the transition to operation and management by the municipality, the cemetery became Magna's first "self-provided municipal service."

The cemetery operated as a "Non-Perpetual Care" cemetery. The landscaping and improvements are maintained in a natural state meaning the foliage and grasses found in the cemetery are generally native to the surrounding areas. Since the cemetery is not irrigated, the water the grounds receive only comes from the annual rains and snowfall. Most of the care the cemetery receives comes from the families of those interred and local youth groups; though anyone who would like is more than welcome to volunteer to help keep the cemetery cleaned up and maintained.

For those who are interested in purchasing burial rights, please contact the cemetery at for more information.