"State of Emergency" Declared for Magna to Address COVID-19 Outbreak

********* FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE********


The Magna Metro Township, in concurrence with the Federal, State, and County Emergency Declarations has declared a State of Emergency in response, to the COVID-19 Pandemic. “Given the scope of the emergency, I have decided declaring the State of Emergency at this time is the right thing to do,” said Dan Peay, Magna’s Mayor. “It is our understanding this declaration will allow our emergency and municipal services providers to get the additional assistance they need to meet the emergency, while continuing to provide our everyday services.”

There was some confusion regarding the need for a declaration, given the Federal, State, and County responses. “Given all of the declarations happening out there in the various levels of government, it was unclear whether Magna needed to declare the (COVID-19) emergency,” said Greg Schulz, Magna’s Municipal Administrator. “Based on clarifications from FEMA and the other emergency management agencies, Magna had to also declare a state of emergency so its emergency and municipal service providers could request emergency funding and assets on behalf of Magna. The Mayor’s declaration allows us to maintain our current services and address our emergency needs.”

Copies of the Emergency Declaration and other information regarding COVID-19 and the Magna Community Response are available on the Magna Metro Township Website at magnametrotownship.org.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT GREG SCHULZ, MAGNA ADMINISTRATOR AT PH: 385-258-3690, C: 801-419-3071, OR BY EMAIL AT greg.schulz@magnacity.org.