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This Notice of Claim form is to be used to request consideration of a claim for damage; which, may have been caused by the Magna Metro Township, Utah. Each blank of this form must be filled out completely. If the information in a section of this form is not applicable, mark "N/A" in the blank. All claims should be accompanied by the actual damage costs or at least three (3) estimates from reliable sources of the projected costs to be filed with this form via email at If additional space is needed for your response, please send the additional information via email to Please list your name in the subject line of your email so the information can be properly added to your claim request. 

For those who do not wish to use the electronic form, please download and use the attached paper form. Please attach all relevant documents. Please mail or return the the paper form and attachments to

Magna Metro Township

ATTN: Claims

8952 W Magna Main St

Magna, UT 84044


Magna is insured by the Utah Local Governments Trust for General Liability and Worker's Compensation Claims.

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Please describe the time, place and manner in which the loss occurred. If the loss involves an automobile accident, show the direction, speed, point of impact, describe weather conditions and attach police report if applicable.
Please provide copies of bills and/or estimates, if available.