Business Impact Relief Programs to Address the Magna 2020 Disasters

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First, it was COVID-19...

Next, it was an earthquake...

Magna has seen a number of disasters (Yes, Disasters) occur this year.

If you are a business owner, you and your business have been through a seriously trying time. To help you and your business, Magna supports the work of the MSD and Salt Lake County developing an economic assistance page where you may enroll for one of a number of programs available. It's a one-stop shop where you can see what programs are available and can fill out an application.

Please follow the link and fill out an application.

It can't be emphasized enough - given the fluid nature of the regulations for the CARES ACT funds, and many of these other programs being offered, deciding not to apply for help because your business may not qualify, could delay or eliminate you and your business from help if the current rules change. Don't delay applying based on the now because if the rules change, the County will be looking back over earlier denied applications to see if the changes make them eligible.