Earthquake Resources

Damages to Union Hall from the Magna Earthquake 03-18-2020

To report damages to your home or business, please CLICK HERE.

For Salt Lake County programs that may be able to assist you in repairing your home, please CLICK HERE.

Homes and commercial properties that that are of a "Historic Nature" that may qualify for help through the State Historic Preservation programs, please CLICK HERE

For other economic assistance for your business from Salt Lake County and others, please CLICK HERE.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO HOMEOWNERS: You are responsible for the repair of your home. As of 04-22-2020, there has been no federal declaration of a disaster for the Magna Earthquake. The federal declaration, and possible funding for repair assistance, are not expected anytime soon. If the disaster is declared by the President, and assistance is made available by Congress, it will only reimburse the necessary costs to make your home able to be occupied. Government assistance for damage reimbursement is not a substitute for insurance - it will not make you whole. Noting all these disclaimers, if you desire to seek damage assistance through the federal programs, please keep your receipts from your work on your home. Without a "paper trail" to show FEMA what you spent repairing the damages from the earthquake, there is no basis on which FEMA can determine if, or what, you may qualify for in reimbursements. Don't miss the opportunity - save those receipts!

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO COMMERCIAL BUILDING/PROPERTY OWNERSYou are responsible for the repair of your commercial building/property. As of 04-22-2020, there has been no federal declaration of a disaster for the Magna Earthquake. The federal declaration is not expected anytime soon. Even with a federal declaration, commercial buildings and properties are not eligible for federal reimbursement programs. As a form of disaster assistance, commercial property owners may qualify for low-to-no interest SBA loans to help fund the repair of their building, helping the owner spread the costs of repair over time. Some of the links provided above may offer other forms of help to qualifying "Historic" commercial properties. Some COVID-19 assistance may be available for help as well. Please contact the County for more information.