Magna Main Street

Magna Main Street

The Magna Metro Township is known for its quaint, historic Main Street and downtown area. The majority of the buildings in the district date to the Copper Boom Town Era (1904–1929) and are described as one-part commercial block–type buildings of early 20th century commercial style. The historic district represents the commercial center of Magna.

The district is in an urban setting with moderate density. The majority of buildings in the district are commercial in use. A smaller number of buildings serve as public, governmental and social uses. The district has limited single-family dwellings and one garden.

Magna was settled as a mining town.  The Utah Copper Company was established by D.C. Jackling. In 1906, the company began constructing its Magna Mill. He came up with the name "Magna" from the Latin word which means "great" or "superior." The Utah Copper Company later became Kennecott Copper Corporation.

Great Salt Lake State Park. 

To the north of downtown Magna lies the majestic Great Salt Lake, known for being the largest salt-water lake in the Western hemisphere. This massive salt-water lake is a great place for taking a ride on a sailboat or floating in the salty waters. The Great Salt Lake Park features public viewpoints of the lake and some incredible sunset photo ops. The park is a popular area for sailboat and motorboat access.  The Great Salt Lake is 2-7 times saltier than the ocean. The lake is a popular destination for bird watching as it is a major stop for millions of migratory birds. For more information, visit the website for the Great Salt Lake State Park.

Saltaire Concert Venue. Summer concerts are held at the Saltaire - click here for a schedule of events.

Utah Main Street Program

Magna Main Street Joins New Utah Main Street Program - more information here.

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