Why do we now have a Mayor?

Due to the reliance on the term "Mayor" in the filing of Transportation and other Federal Grant Programs, the State Legislature changed the title of the Council Chairperson to Mayor to allow Metro Townships to access these federal programs and receive their benefits - just like the cities and towns currently do. 

Search Tips and Tricks

Do the search results include the contents of PDFs and other documents?

Yes.  The website indexes web pages as well as PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, and text documents.

If I search for a phrase (e.g. alarm permit), will the results only show exact matches?

No.  By default, the search results will show matches for any word within the phrase.  In this example, you would receive results for all web pages and documents that contained either the word alarm or the word permit or both.

In order to search on an exact phrase, enclose your search phrase in quotations.  The search results for "alarm permit" will show matches for that exact phrase.

Can I exclude a word from a search (e.g. all pages that have the word "alarm" but not the word "permit"?

Yes.   You can exclude words by using the minus sign (-).   In order to find the results of all pages that have alarm in the result but not permit, you would search for alarm -permit.